'ALGEINE' The Algae Preventing Chemicals

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Service provider, Dealer of Algae Preventing Chemicals, Descaling Chemicals, Degreasing Chemicals from Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

As you all learned people know what the algae is, we don't have to explain more about it. So we take this pleasure to explain about our product directly.

'ALGEINE' is a very useful chemical wherever algae takes place, such as water tanks, cooling towers, etc. One cannot clean these things daily. Such big things cannot be clean in one day. In some conditions manual cleaning is very difficult as cooling towers are very high or water tanks are very deep. There, usage of this chemical is the easiest procedure or you can imagine in some condition where the bore of pipeline is very small & you know generally these pipelines are very long & the algae took place inside the pipelines where the manual cleaning is just impossible, there 'ALGEINE' will serve the purpose.

Usage of 'ALGEINE' is the easiest procedure. Take just 2% of 'ALGEINE' of total water holding capacity & then 'ALGEINE' will do the trick. Maintain the ratio permanently. e.g. if the tank capacity is 1000 ltrs. add just 20 ltrs. of 'ALGEINE' for the first time & in future the water loss is daily 100 ltrs., go on adding 2 ltrs. every day in the same solution. Thus, you can maintain the ratio for years together.

2% concentrated solution will make no harm to any surface, but it will keep the tank or the surface clean & cost wise it will be very cheap in comparison with manual clean after regular intervals. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details, queries & orders.